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Welcome to BagTape Closures, the nation’s leading supplier of sewing tape and thread closures for open-mouth multiwall and textile bags.

Our advanced closures have protected products like flour, pet food, charcoal and construction materials for more than 40 years. And our innovative technology is closing the loop on the industry’s most challenging new applications.

With BagTape Closures, you can choose from a comprehensive, proven selection of tapes, filler cords and threads, or have us custom engineer the perfect solution for your particular project. And if you need value-added features like easy-opening, reclosing or self-lighting ? We offer market-leading solutions there, too.

BagTape Closures closures are engineered for machinability and delivered on-demand from our net work of national warehouses. So whether you’re a manufacturer or converter, you get cost-effective solutions that enhance your package and streamline your operations.

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